Muse or Lose, 8/1/11

Sheamus pics are the best

– THE REAL WWE Champion CM Punk makes his way out to ring and explains why he came back. Standard stuff. Then Triple H comes down they have their back and forth which of course gets heated. Trips says the dumbest thing I’ve heard in a while, “I want to slap each of those rotten ass tattoos off your fat skinny ass.” LOLWUT

– Oh lord, a Diva Battle Royal. So much silicone in that ring…
– I will say though, Kelly’s commentary was pretty quick witted. It wasn’t really that good, but she didn’t back down.
– Beth Phoenix won by hoisting up both Bellas and dumping them over the top. Bet Punk banging her has something to do with it.

– Coming back from commercial, Michael Cole says that this city (Indianapolis) is the first city where the Rock said “It doesn’t matter what you think!” Who the FUCK knew that, or even looked it up?

– I can’t like, I’m not into this Raw at all. Started off good but as soon as the opening segment passed it’s just been boring.

– Morrison/Rey vs Morrison/Truth. Sucks Rey was Champ for an hour and is now in a mid-card tag match.
– It’s really good to hear someone actually calling a match as opposed to just getting themselves over. Good job, JR.
– It was actually a really good match, the crowd is so hot for it.
– Truth gets the win over Morrison then gets a beatdown from Miz and Truth. Has Morrison ever gotten one over on Miz?

– Pretty good exchange between Dolph Ziggler and Alex Riley. I really think Ziggler will be world Champion against some day, hopefully soon. He’s got all the tools. In the meantime, a feud with A-Ri will do just fine.

– The New Nexus, I mean Michael Mcgillicutty and David Otunga come out to what was Justin Gabriel’s music two weeks ago. They also lose their Nexus shirts from before the commercial.
– Zack Ryder is super over, and gets the hot tag from Santino. Big time Ryder chants.
– I bet Ryder is mad he spent $1500 on a belt he’ll never use on TV.
– The Champs win, and Santino has a Cobra that he wears on his arm now. Socko be damned.

– Crowd is SILENT for Del Rio/Evan Bourne. Wow.
– Good spot with Bourne on the top rope, and Del Rio runs up the corner and kicks him. Seen it before, but still like it.

– Triple H to clear up the title situation, but WAIT! Johnny Ace comes out and tries to be the boss. If he’s going to be an on air character, I can all but assume his time in an office is coming to an end soon…
– Cena with some tongue in cheek remarks to Johnny Ace, see what happens when Cena has no script? He’s good!
– Trips does what we knew he would do: make a unification match for Summerslam.
– Punk and Cena pose with their belts with dueling music. Bored. Although, when Punk poses on the ropes, he clearly asks “WHAT’S MY FUCKING NAAAAAAME?!”


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