Musins’ 8/8/11

It's unlikely I'll ever stop using Sheamus pics.

Football’s back, why should I care about Raw?

– They should change Triple H’s nickname to the Same, because it always is!
– H announces himself as the special ref for the Summerslam Undisputed Title match. But Hey! Both Punk and Cena re wrestling tonight, and Cena’s wrestling…RIGHT NOW. Against Jack Swagger.
– I remember when these two had an outstanding match when Swagger was ECW Champ. This match was nothing like that.

– Nonsensical R-Truth promo. That man HATES spiders!

– Rey tries to come to the ring for his match with Miz, but Miz fucks him up pretty good. Read over the weekend Rey is hurt, then it’s only storyline, so who know’s what’s up with him.
– Miz makes a good point, and I was thinking the same thing: who’s he fighting at Summerslam? Still don’t know, but he’s fighting Kofi right now, as per Mr H.
– PPV quality match between these two, really fast paced and the crowd loved it. Except when Miz won, they hated that.

– Punk vs Del Rio is also a really good match. I remember when Del Rio used to win things.

– Obligatory Divas match! Beth Phoenix whoops Eve’s ass. Nothing can kill a crowd like a Diva’s match.

– Alex Riley with a very childish bad breath remark to the sensational Vickie Guerrero.
– I really hope Ziggler gets pushed hard; he’s got it all and CAN succeed if they let him.
– Vickie gets Dolph DQ’d and they kind of break up. Kinda.

– AW MAN! Epic video package highlighting Money in the Bank, using a new voice over guy and the music from Madden.

– Morrison and Truth in a match I don’t really want to see right now. I’m so checked out of this show it’s ridiculous.
– Morrison hit a beautiful corkscrew plancha on Truth, jumping over the ring post.

– HA! Masters is still in the Summerslam promo.

– Contract signing with Punk, Cena, H, and Johnny Ace. The retort between the two is very good. Punk still doesn’t give a hoot and Cena holds his own.
– Punk with an awesome Johny Ace/Marty Funkhouser comparison. I love Curb Your Enthusiasm. Calls him out on the cuts from Friday too. Awesome.
– Fuck yeah! Things get physical of course, with Punk throwing a kick to Johnny’s head. Awesome. Fuck that guy.


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