DH’s Mommy is Mad

Howwww darrrrrrreeeee youuuuuuuuuuuuu

Diana Hart Smith, mother of recently released WWE Superstar David Hart Smith, took aim at Michael Cole yesterday on Twitter as she called the WWE broadcaster effeminate.

“Michael Cole is such an expose of garbage wrestling–MC is brutally effeminine,” she wrote to a follower. “Oh well. On another level, STRIKEFORCE=HARRY SMITH.”

For what it’s worth, the self-proclaimed “Voice of WWE” did Smith no favors during his lone broadcast booth appearance on an episode of Raw last year as he criticized the third generation wrestler’s verbal ability and lack of charisma.

I didn’t know DH was in fifth grade and his mother has to come to his defense because he sucks. He’s literally done nothing to ever show me he’s worthy of being on television in like four years. And although I disagree with his character for most of the past year, Momma Smith apparently doesn’t realize that Cole was doing his job as a heel.

As far as Strikeforce = Harry? Laughable. If Strikeforce is even around by the time he’s ready, I’ll be surprised.


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