Melina, lol

"No matter how much it hurts my career, I will stand by you always and forever because I love you, Melina. Even though you're like kryptonite for my pushes, I love you more than the success I could be having."

As noted before, Melina was not allowed into the building at last night’s WWE RAW in San Jose. The feeling was that there would have been major drama about her release if they would have let her into the backstage area. The entire WWE security team was informed not to allow her entry. There was a concern that Melina would physically cause a problem backstage.

Also as noted earlier, WWE officials weren’t happy with Melina joining John Morrison over the weekend at RAW live events. Officials are very down on Morrison over the incident, feeling that it was a huge breach of backstage etiquette.

Morrison’s current deal with WWE is up in a few months and the recent heat adds to speculation that WWE won’t resign him. One source adds that Melina may have burnt her bridge with WWE after her reactions online to being released.

One time on an episode of Seinfeld, George Castanza didn’t want his new girlfriend to meet the Gang. “There are two worlds, and you cannot mix them up.” Morrison needs to smarten his ass up with this woman. She’s not good for him personally nor professionally. Every time we hear about Morrison getting a big push it seems like negative Melina news breaks and that big ol push never happens. Coincidence? Probably. Worth looking into it more? Most likely, but I won’t.

As far as personally, she straight up CHEATED on him with Batista, and it was no secret. Everybody knew about it; Batista even put it in his book. How can you just let that happen, especially at work? It really doesn’t speak well for him as a man. She is just no good for him, and he should just leave her and smash puss worldwide.


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