SD Spoilage

* Triple H opens the show and announces Randy Orton vs. The Great Khali, Daniel Bryan vs. Alberto Del Rio and Cody Rhodes vs. Ezekiel Jackson with the Intercontinental Title on the line for tonight. World Heavyweight Champion Christian comes out and wants to talk to the WWE COO. Christian threatens to sue Triple H if he doesn’t change the SummerSlam match against Randy Orton. Triple H says Christian has no respect and will still face Orton on Sunday and be in action tonight.

* Sheamus beat Christian by count out. Christian walked off and stood at the ramp as the referee counted him out.

* Natalya and Beth Phoenix beat AJ Lee and Kaitlyn. Face pop for Beth and Natalya here. Beth pinned AJ while Natalya put Kaitlyn in the Sharpshooter.

* Backstage segment with Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes arguing with Teddy Long. Zack Ryder and Aksana are there.

* Backstage segment with Mark Henry and Johnny Curtis.

* Sin Cara beat Tyson Kidd in a decent match. Hard to tell if Cara is someone else under the mask. Cara came out to a huge reaction.

* Alberto Del Rio beat Daniel Bryan by submission in a great match. Cheers for Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez before the match. Wade Barrett came out and attacked Bryan after the match.

* Cody Rhodes beat Ezekiel Jackson to become the new WWE Intercontinental Champion after hitting Cross Rhodes.

* Backstage segment with Randy Orton talking about SummerSlam and tonight’s match.

* Mark Henry beat Johnny Curtis. Sheamus came out after the match and confronted Henry.

* Randy Orton beat The Great Khali after an RKO. Christian came out and taunted Orton after the match, saying he’s the best thing going.

A few things standout for this week’s show:

1) Johnny Curtis FINALLY makes his debut, only to be squashed by Mark Henry. I love it. His vignettes were good at first, but then they just wrote themselves into a corner with no out. Then Henry breaks him. Two birds, one stone.

2) Del Rio/Bryan. Based off the two lines written about it, it looks amazing. Can’t wait to watch these two future World Champions do it up.

3) When Zeke won the IC Title, I figured they took the belt off Wade Barrett so they could eventually give it to Cody. Tally up another one in the win column for me. Cody isn’t main event ready yet, but he’s well on his way.


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