Post-Summerfest Musings

Coming off a HUUUUUUUUGE Summerfest last night which featured numerous twist and turns and the MITB winner going a perfect 9-9. We are LIVE in the America’s Finest City San Diego! LESGO!

– Triple H is first, talking about the usual, except Nash will be here for what promises to be a worked shoot. Now to introduce the NEW, UNDISPUTED WWE Champion Alberto Dellllllllllllllllllllllll Rio!
– I like me some ADR, but I still feel like the crowd isn’t totally into him. It’s like they always fall flat when he’s around.
– Really hope Mysterio wears his Chargers-style tights tonight.
– It is kind of curious that there’s no name plate on the belt…

– R-Truth is out and has some MUSIC! It’s just “What’s Up” with no lyrics, or goodness. The guitar riff doesn’t fit.
– Looks like they’re bringing back the little promo box, and Morrison’s is brutal. Falls Count Anywhere!
– They should’ve used Morrison as the New Sin Cara.
– Truth with a sit out face first suplex and Morrison bounced like two feet in the air. Holy shit.


– Great camera work with Truth on the outside and a sign with his face on it saying “New Face of Crazy.” The little things make me happy.
– Really good match to start off Raw, lots of good innovative spots.
– See?! As soon as Melina it gone Morrison gets a win.

– Miz is officially stuck in mid card hell. He promoed on Jared from Subway (who’s getting kinda fat) and no one interrupted him.

– First Keystone Light, now Mike’s Hard Lemonade…will they ever get sponsored by a real beer?
– Jim Ross is awfully quiet again this week.
– An almost not bad Divas tag match happens, no one cares.

– The Death of WCW, I mean Kevin Nash is coming to the ring for some mic time.
– Ha, Nash is legit pissed at the “What” chant.
Epic Tweet of the Night: ikowwrestling Triple H should come out to the ring and have a quad tearing contest with Nash.
– Punk out and proves he’s the best on the mic. Literally tearing Nash’s ass apart and Nash just sticks to the script and looks like a damn fool.

– Poor Swagger; he has most of the tools to be a big name, but he’s just mid-card fodder for guys like Alex Riley.
– Dolph and Vickie on commentary with the other 3 is kind of a mess, but pretty funny. The 5 of them are just going at it, cracking jokes and just laughing.
– Riley botches the SHIT out of swaggers gutwrench. It was just bad.
– Ziggler stomps JR’s hat, and he just looks so sad.
– Swagger trying to secure the services of Miss Vickie. Juicy.

– Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston vs the crowd killers – David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty. They should’ve kept the Nexus music.
– These guys need SOMETHING to not be so damn bland. They’re so dull!
– Bourne/Kofi are a legit tag team, as they both have the delightful shade of skyblue on their tights.
– The BlueKru fly high and win. Read last week that HHH wants to beef up the tag division, it’s off to a good start.

– And now for another match we’ve seen 100 times before, but now it’s for the title!
– We haven’t seen cena yet tonight…hmmm…
– Beautiful tornado DDT by Rey.
– Really good match, but the ending was flat. Crowd was so hot, Rey on the cusp, and rollup from ADR. Meh.
= Rey needs to do something about this mask, seems like every week it’s falling off.

– Cena comes out and is pissssssssssssed off at Del Rio. Very angry promo, but he’s still not believable when he goes into intense mode.

Pretty good Raw, not awesome but better than last week.


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  1. Mr. Steve you didn’t watch Summerslam because you were with your Mommy

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