Team Punk vs Team HHH at Survivor Series?

A popular topic of discussion backstage at Tuesday’s SmackDown tapings was that WWE creative is planning to continue the current CM Punk – Triple H storyline through the fall – with November’s WWE Survivor Series to feature a big “Team Punk vs. Team Triple H” match.

According to WWE sources, Team Punk would feature CM Punk, Colt Cabana and possibly the Kings of Wrestling – Claudio Castagnoli and Chris Hero. Kevin Nash would be one of the members on Team Triple H.

With the NFL’s Monday Night Football going head-to-head with RAW each week, WWE is banking on the Punk – Triple H storyline to carry ratings for the next few months.

This seems like a good idea, though I don’t know if Triple H should be wrestling just yet. I could see it going like Punk/Colt/Claudio/Hero vs Nash/Waltman/and…the New Age Outlaws? The problem with bringing in the KoW is if they don’t debut them in a big RoH (Boston, NYC, Philly, Chicago) the crowd most likely won’t react to them in the way they need. And that’s even assuming the KoW are signed, what if they aren’t, then who’ll Punk team with? Fellow indy God Daniel Bryan? Perhaps Seth Rollins makes his debut, and we have ourselves a bonafide Ring of Honor stable.

So what about the other side? It’s probably a good idea to have Nash in a match where he doesn’t exactly have to do much, though it didn’t work out last time they tried. The New Age Outlaws have changed their tune in the last few years in regards to the WWE. Road Dogg is on good terms now with his Dad being in the HoF, and Billy Gunn doesn’t seem to hate Vince anymore. And X-pac can still work just like he always could. A Kliq/DX reunion would be huge, even if only for Suvivor Series.

They really shouldn’t have Punk feud with HHH all the way through Mania. They’ll need a break at some point to keep it fresh.


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  1. Just got to make sure Waltman doesn’t bleed as he has Hep, I think.

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