Musin while you’re losin

– Big ol three way promo kicks us off with Alberto Del Rio, CM Punk, and John Cena. Crowd’s hot for all three, which is unusual these days as I feel ADR doesn’t get the heat he deserves every week.
– Punk and Cena want to “cash in” their rematch clauses tonight, to which Triple H says you can’t just cash in like Money in the Bank. Which is news to me, because it sure does happen a lot…

– ADR’s mystery opponent is John Morrison in what should be a good match. Good to see the WWE Champion in the opening match of Raw. And to kill Morrison’s push.
– Morrison with an absolutely beautiful asai moonsault and lands on his feet. His hang time was Evan Bourne-like.
– ADR with a nice German suplex, which JR calls a belly-to-back suplex. What the fuck, man?
– JR also calls The Flying Chuck “the kick!”

– Some kind of Divas match not involving Beth nor Natalya. Therefore, it doesn’t matter.

– Kevin Nash IS WALKING!

– Vickie is Swagger’s new manager, and I like it. Ziggler doesn’t need Vickie, it just adds a little bit extra for him.

– Nash and HHH in the ring next, this should be great. You know, as long as Nash isn’t corny like last week.
– It’s all standard fare until CM Punk comes out and shakes things up again.
– Punk just obliterates everyone on the mic. It’s outstanding what he can get away with.

– Jesus CHRIST I hate Otunga and McGillicutty. No gimmick, poor talent, shitty music.
– At least Bourne and Kofi are a legit tag team now.
– Lawler going out his way to make sure we know how boring and uneventful the Champs are. As if they weren’t having a hard enough time getting over.
– The best match the New Nexus has had was most likely their last on Raw in a long time, off to FCW for them, in my opinion.
– Congrats to Bourne and Kofi, whom I predicted would revitalize the tag division last week.
– New Champs with a backstage promo, which is promptly interupted by Zack Ryder, Titus O’Niell, Derrick Bateman? and Aksana. Why, I’ll never know.

– I really, really hate “WHAT?!” It’s so fucking disrespectful and just annoying.
– Truth and Miz have some great heat and better chemistry together.

– Lmao, they threw Cena’s shirt back twice. Classic Canada.
– Then those Classic Classless Canucks chant for the Oilers. Scum.
– Punk hits his springboard clothesline and yells “I’M FLYING!” as he connects. Awesome.
– Holy shit Cena locks in the Crippler Crossface, and somehow the crowd doesn’t chant for Benoit.
– John Cena is a dirty cheater! Using Nash’s distraction to his advantage. Heel tactics!


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