Boozin Musin

WE ARE LIIIIIIIIVE in Tulsa, Oklahoma for what is apparently now a Raw SuperShow!

– We kick off with Triple H coming down to the ring and barely getting a word in before CM Punk makes the save. He goes on about HHH/Nash working together.
– I HATE HHH’s ring. It’s so gaudy and generally gross.
– Just a sidenote, it seems like an awful lot of guys on Raw are talking about conspiracies lately. Miz, Truth, Punk. So I sense all these guys vs HHH at some point?
– Nash comes out and gets absolutely schooled by Punk. Nash was great in TNA doing the Paparazzi skits, but he’s just lost a step on the mic this time around.
– We get Punk/Nash booked for Night of Champions, WHICH IS NOT A CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH, MIND YOU, and Punk schools Trips too.

– Randy Orton is out for his match against Dolph Ziggler. They really seem intent on keeping Dolph on TV each week, and I like that. I don’t know for sure if he’ll be a consistent main eventer, but he most certainly has what it takes.
– This match is awesome for one reason: Orton hits a belly to belly suplex! I haven’t seen that since Ken Shamrock and/or Shane Douglas. My favorite suplex, although the Northern Lights is a close second.
– Very very good match, with Dolph getting in a lot of offense. I’m convinced he’s the second coming of Billy Gunn on account of using the Fame-ass-er.
– Great ending, with Orton going for the RKO but Ziggler hits the sleeper, then is launched in the air followed by the RKO. Would’ve been great if he hit it mid air like in every single video game they’ve ever put out. Dolph looked great in this match.

– John Cena said douche bag. NOT COOL, BRO.
– Mark Henry says he’s going to induct Cena into the Hall of Pain. Clever.
– Ohhh now we get some Christian time. I remember in 2005 when Christian
– Cena said douche again. Wtf man,THAT’S NOT PG.
– It’s about to be a handicap until TOO MANY LIMES, TOO MANY LIMES, OOOOOOOOOOH The Greta White himself Sheamus makes the save. John Cena is a very forgiving man, constantly teaming with men who have done vile and horrendous things to him over the years.

– Punk vs Miz is a very mundane, standard match. Can’t lie, I really didn’t pay attention.
– Punk CLEARLY yells “WHAT THE FUCK?!” as Nash makes his way to the ring. I love it.

– I just noticed the lighting things on Sin Cara’s tights form an “M” on the crotch. I’d assume that’s how to distinguish Mistico from Hunico.
– Pretty sure this is Hunico, but it’s hard to tell.
– Pretty good stuff here, really good for whichever Sin Cara wrestled tonight.

– I really like the new title match bumps. They all look so distinguished despite how little how belts mean.
– Evan and Kofi need to come out together, no separate entrance shit.
– lawler sure is talking a lot of shit about the former New Nexus. I wonder if it’ll lead to anything ever. They really need personality. It does. as they confront Lawler post match. I’m not looking forward to that because BOO LAWLER.
– I’m very happy the crowd is totally in love with AirBoom.

– You know, for two girls that complain about the Divas being “Barbies,” Beth and Natayla sure do get themselves all dolled up.

– Lmao, the new Triple H movie is almost the same as the Chaperone. Except not goofy. Even his clothes are the same!
– Michael Rappaport is so much better than that 😦

– Sheamus has his ribs taped, and the tape is almost his skin color. I lol’d.
– It’s funny to see new guys in the main events. It’s exactly what we want but it just seems…odd. Not complaining, just saying.
– Christian hits the spear and I was near positive it was over. Foolish, as Cena doesn’t loose.

– Triple H’s office is rediculously simple. It’s not nearly refined like Teddy Long’s.
– Wow. WOW. Nash/Punk is canceled, now it’s Punk/HHH. Wtf, why why WHY?!??! WHY WOULD YOU SHOTGUN IT LIKE THAT IT’S A WRESTLEMANIA MATCH STUPID ASS! Totally ruined Raw.


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