Labor Day Raw Musin

– Wow, Kevin Nash’s hair is crazy bad.
– Nash was never bad on the microphone, if I remember correctly. So it’s really hard to understand why he sucks so bad the last 4 weeks. He’s just brutal.
– Glad he got fired, I can’t take much more if him.

– AIRBOOM BABY! It’s such a good idea to start Raw off every week with a Triple H/Punk segment then follow up with an AirBoom match. 2 very solid openers.
– Jesus Christ, the crowd LOVES them. I don’t think they knew who Jinder Mahal was though.
– Just get AirBoom someone to feud with and our tag division is solid.

– Whoa whoa WHOA. Del Rio and Riccardo roll up to the building, and ADR is driving. Shouldn’t he be getting driven?

– Oh man, trainwreck up a head. Kelly and Natayla on commentary. That’s FIVE people talking and only one I want to hear.
– Don’t like Beth Pheonix’s new attire. It looks like three different styles all rolled in.
– Ugh, Eve Torres sucks so bad. The Divas of Doom thing is null and void when their opponents suck so bad. You’re burying them.

– HOLY SHIT DREW MCINTYRE?! I’m amazed he’s still around.

– I really like this friendship between Truth and Miz.
– However, Truth’s music is brutal.
– Paid zero attention to Truth/Punk. I felt bad cause the crowd kept popping, but I’m busy.

– WHAT THE FUCK, CURT HAWKINS AND TYLER REX?! I know it’s a Supershow and all, but this is ridiculous.


– McGillicutty and Otunga are out for their match against Lawler and his mystery partner Zack Ryder. I’m conflicted, as I like Ryder but loathe Lawler.
– I liked the inclusion of Z! True Long Island Story clips, especially the ones about getting over and doing jobs and such.
– At least they did it right, with Lawler stepping aside and Ryder getting the spotlight.

– Ha. Ha ha. Ha ha ha. Orton vs Heath Slater. Wowzers.

– So Del Rio has been searching all night for someone to fight Cena tonight. Instead of picking one, he sends Swagger, Christian, Ziggler, and Barrett to beat him down. A-Ri, Morrison, and Sheamus make the save UNTIL Teddy Long makes it an 8 man.
– Anyone remember the Anonymous GM? Where is that guy?
– Considering he’s the WWE Champion and all, I can’t figure out why he’s barely on TV.
– Someone please tell me how Riley is so over.
– That dude in I think the 6th row has been holding his two titles up THE ENTIRE NIGHT.
– Very good match.

Well next week Monday Night Football begins. Can’t promise these will continue as they currently do. Well, see ya!


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