Full Programming for the WWE Network

Just kidding. Got you to click though, right? Well they finally made it official last night: The WWE Network will launch in 2012. Now, they’re going to need 24/7 programming. I got to thinking what they could offer and I may or may not have come up with very good ideas for all programming on the network. Let’s go.

– Replays of this past week’s Raw and Smackdown.

– New episodes of Superstars and NXT.

– This year’s PPVs, but eight months after they originally took place. That way they can wait until the DVD sales slow down.

– All day Monday just show old Raws.

– All day Friday just show old Smackdowns.

– PPV Sundays show old PPVs (obviously).

– Replays of Tough Enough, the original plus today’s.

WWE Cribs – Holy shit, I want to see this so bad. They featured a few waaaaaay back in the day of MTV Cribs (Chyna and Austin, I think) and I know they put some of that stuff on the DVDs. But a full fledged Cribs would be excellent. However, they can’t blow their load with all the big stars right off the bat. I don’t want Cena and Orton week 1 then get Hawkins and Heath Slater by week 4.

Legends Roundtable – They already do this on WWE OnDemand (which I assume they’ll stop next year). From what I’ve been able to watch on YouTube and read on various forums, it’s an extremely popular show.

PPV Prediction Show – Have Matt Striker host this (I really think he’s going to be the lead guy on the Network) before every PPV and just have a panel discussion and prediction.

Before They Were Stars – They still own OVW footage, right? Cena, Orton, Punk, Batista, Lesnar, etc… all came from Louisville. It be a nice throwback and cool to see the evolution of these guys.

FCW Shows Might as well see the stars of tomorrow, right? It’ll make the transition onto Raw or SD that much easier. Instead of a crowd falling flat whenever Seth Rollins debuts, now they’ll know who he is. And you don’t have to show everything that happened at the show. Just leave out things you want to surprise people with.

A Day in the Life Pretty self explanatory. Although more than one day would probably be better.

Week in Review This could be pretty big. You could pretty much make it like a SportsCenter. They can roll the Power 25, Top Moments from all shows, backstage stuff, just about everything packed into one big ass show.

– Oh yeah, not to mention Every single video library they’ve ever purchased.

There’s a ton more they could do, and it’ll be very easy to screw up. I hope they don’t. But if they need programming advice, they know where to find me.


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