New (and improved?) Perry Saturn

If I remember correctly, about three years ago there was a rumor Perry Saturn went missing. Then it surfaced that he was dead somewhere. I also remember reading that he saved a woman from being raped before being stabbed. We’ll never know what happened to him in the wake of Benoit’s death, as he seemingly went dark after leaving the WWE back in 2002.

Last week it finally surfaced that Saturn was in fact NOT dead is joining the convention circuit. Above is the first known photograph of Saturn in YEARS. From a distance, he’s a dead ringer for Bam Bam Bigelow.

I was always a big fan of Saturn from his WCW days. The Ring of Saturn was such an awesome submission and his feud with Raven was sick. Good to see he’s not dead. Now if only I can get a solid update on Hardcore Holly…


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