Sooooo when you guys coming back?

– Well at least we have cameramen so we can watch Raw tonight. I guess not everyone is too proud to quit.
– Triple H is not wearing his wedding ring…did Stephanie also walk out?
– “I’LL GET A BROOMSTICK AND WRESTLE IT FOR 2 HOURS! I’VE WRESTLED A LOT OF THOSE GUYS IN THE PARKING LOT AND THE BROOMSTICK COULD GIVE ME A BETTER MATCH!!!” Why the fuck would you say that? This company is mightily struggling to get new faces over, to build the next torch-carriers, so why would you bury ALL of them like that?

– I really wish they would show everyone in the parking lot.

– Sheamus v Cena with H as ref, Punk on commentary. This is good because you can tell they’re all having fun, but it’s absolutely ridiculous at the same time.
– Vince interrupts this match to announce that Triple H is relieved of his duties and Johnny Ace is the boss. Then everyone comes back to work.
– How anticlimactic. Ugh, this was like the 3rd really cool thing they’ve done this year, and again within a week they screwed it up.

– Can someone explain to me what Morrison’s shirt means? “We’re gonna eat your lunch!”
– The Official Burial of John Morrison is in full swing, and Christian whoops that ass.
– I really REALLY enjoy Christian/Dolph/Cody/Swagger. Even when Otunga is in the mix, he doesn’t take away from the group.

– So Orton is now getting introduced as the Apex Predator? It just sounds awkward.
– I could’ve sworn Henry/Orton weren’t ever going to fight again?
– Total BS that Big Show gets an automatic title shot.
– More Cody Rhodes!!! They’re pushing him hard lately and I like it. I hope they finally realize what talent they have with him.

– Hooray, Divas tag match! At least these ladies make my loins growl.

– Johnny Ace fires Jim Ross (again). Has JR EVER had a decent moment in Oklahoma?

– Mason Ryan being a happy go lucky face is so…wrong. And don’t get me started on that hair.
– Air Boom’s new music is super generic, but I like it. And they have new matching tights!
– I’m curious to know how often Ziggler must bleach his hair.
– Swagger with an awesome counter to Bourne’s “I’m gonna kneel on your shoulders” move, turning it into a powerbomb. I love swagger because he loves powerbombs.
– Mason with Generic Big Man Finisher. WHY does Dolph have to take the pinfall?

– Fuck yeah that’s a Brodus Clay vignette!
– Oh God, another WWE movie. Why are the hellbent on making “good” movies? If they just made comedies they’d be fine, because the writing/acting is so laughable anyways.

– Michael Cole has been overly obnoxious tonight. He cooled off for a while but now he’s back full force and that sucks.
– I am not excited for Del Rio vs Punk and the crowd doesn’t seem to be either.
– Johnny Ace saves us from this redundant match by REINSTATING MIZ AND TRUTH~!
– Really liked The Awesome Truth being total badasses over the last few weeks, but the pre-match rap was silly. I like it, but it’s a step back for character development.

– The match is remarkably better with the Awesome Truth involved, and the crowd comes alive again.
– It really picks up once Del Rio leaves. Not a good sign.
– Oh great, Triple H is in street clothes, a full time in ring return is close 😦
– Holy SHIT David Otunga is a snazzy dresser.


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