Well, I guess I’ll watch Raw

Due to the fact that Monday Night Football is Ravens/Jaguars (who the FUCK booked that) I have no other choice but to watch Raw. Might as well review it too. Here’s hoping MJD gets me 50 points so I could at least win my fantasy game. Letsgo~!

– Rippled Steak (Triple H) is out first and crying about how he and Nash ain’t BFF no more. Nash’s betrayal breaks HHH’s heart 😥
– No respect being shown by Trips towards Johnny Ace, he’s very much out of line.
– I’m glad Triple H got what he wanted, as Nash hits him in the head with the sledge, then knocks out some indy security guards. Johnny Ace is not pleased.
– So HHH’s gets blasted in the shoulder blade via sledge, and the medical personnel decide to lift him up and walk with him, not strap him to a stretcher or anything good.

– They FINALLY strap him to a board but Nash will have none of it. Attempted murder follows, but it’s ok! Because this is wrestling!
– We have no dedicated 26 full minutes to this laughable content.

– Hooray! A match! Orton/Sheamus vs Christian/Rhodes.
– Cody got some serious air off a Sheamus back body drop.
– 100% botched finish with Rhodes trying for his springboard kick into a Sheamus Brokick, but Sheamus kicks him in the leg instead. Skillfully recovers with a Celtic Cross.

– David Otunga: Well dressed, with warm coffee. Always.

– Hell yeah Dolph Ziggler is on my TV.
– I must dislike the Mason Ryan push.
– But hey, my new BFF Dolph won.

– Oh God, Del Rio/Punk promo. I used to love these two, and I still do, but I dislike them so much together.
– Johnny Ace makes the save by being totally owned by Punk. Nice shot by Punk on the Rock too.

– Barret vs Morrison is next. Actually, there was a Divas match but I can’t be bothered with that.
– Somehow this isn’t a squash as Morrison is getting in some great offense.
– Until Barrett starts to fuck that shit UP.
– Morrison still gets in a solid effort and the crowd is behind him but Barrett is Barrett and Morrison is a jobber.

– I bet WWE just screws with Zack Ryder to put him in his place. Always giving him hope just to crush him like a crunchy leaf on a cool fall day.

– Lawler with an awesome line, “Not all Impacts are good.” I know it wasn’t a shot at TNA, but I still lol’d.
– Miz and Truth are awesome; off the entire show but always main event worthy.
– Is the WWE allowed to say hospital? They always go to local medical facilities…a walk in clinic?
– Wow, a DQ off a water bottle to the face?
– The announcement of the Rock being Cena’s partner would’ve been a lot better if, you know, they didn’t announce it weeks ago.


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