For the life of me, I cannot understand who thought this would be a good idea. Perez Hilton is everything the WWE hates: gay. Just kidding. He will be the biggest “change the channel” moment of 2012, hands down. He will bring NOTHING of interest to the WWE except for a few blurbs on Entertainment Tonight.

To top it off, Perez Hilton should be the poster girl for the Be A Star campaign. On his website, all he does is ridicule and borderline harass other “celebrities,” drawing penises on their pictures and calling them faggots. How is this acceptable, Mr McMahon? Isn’t this the kind of thing you’ve been telling us is wrong?

I really thought that the WWE was starting to “get it.” It’s become a little more reality based; and the internet is certainly showing it’s influence over the product. But then they do something like this, something truly awful that literally no one will care about.

Please tweet @WWE with the hashtag #NoPerezOnRaw and tell em why you mad.


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