Smackdown Quick Hits

I like Smackdown, an awful lot actually. However tonight it takes a backseat to InterSpecies Wrestling’s first ever iPPV! So Smackdown is on mute as I watch the ISW madness, and I’ll just be doing a quick rundown/analysis of Smackdown. No promos, backstage segments, etc..will be reviewed on account of it being muted.

– I wonder how many other people would’ve thought the Daniel Bryan/Mark Henry/Big Show feud would turn out as good as it has. It’s put Bryan over so hard and he’s the perfect middle man for the monster heel badass and sometimes gentle/sometimes murderous giant.

– Cody Rhodes/Justin Gabriel was far too short for what could’ve been a great match.
– And if Gabriel was more over, this would probably be a great feud. He just needs that one feud to get him over so he can hang around the IC Title level.

– Oh lord, Yoshi Tatsu and Santino will be tag partners. Well, it’s better than no tag teams, I guess.
– Why not repackage Yoshi as a Japanese Warrior type, make him more serious and stick him with Gabriel? A good high flying team who aren’t small like AirBoom; they could dazzle in the air and looker powerful too.

– Poor Drew McIntyre. Every week fed to someone else; I keep hoping this will be the week he wins, this is the week he’ll earn his job! I wonder who his opponent is…
– Oh, Sheamus. Welp, Drew’s fucked.
– At least it’s competitive. McIntyre is one of those guys, like Gabriel, who just needs one good feud to get him over. This losing streak/you’re fired thing is working out in his favor, as it’s getting him on TV and such.

– These Rumble by the numbers videos are fucking excellent every single year. We need more for signature matches, like the Chamber, Hell in a Cell, TLC, and so on.

– Oh Lord, Rosa Mendez. Must…not…fap…
– I guess if it means more teams, I’m ok with Yoshi and Santino. But I’M REALLY NOT.
– Good win by the Colons(?). I like em. Lifting their ponchos to reveal the tag belts is classic.


– The editing that was done when Orton was pushed down the stairs still pisses me off.
– Before Daniel Bryan turned heel, I had Barrett winning the Rumble then challenging Bryan at Mania.
– Randy Orton is back! And he sure is oiled up.
– Holy shit the crowd is hyped for Orton.
– Orton gets DQ’d I think, for whooping too much ass. The the JOB Sqaud comes out! Tyler Reks, Curt Hawkins, Usos, and Trent Barretta have to hold the Viper back…you know, because he’s so venomous and quick to strike.
– And they all eat RKOs for dinner.
– If I’m a wrestler in the ring, and I see Orton RKO someone and there’s 6 of us around, I’m either going to run away or gang up on him. Why they haven’t done this yet EVER, I’ll never know.

– I really like the Rumble recap videos, but they really should’ve done them in order. I don’t want to see 2010 then 2006 followed by 2011 and 1999.

– I wonder if Ted DiBiase will ever be as over as Cody Rhodes? I remember when we all though Rhodes was the one who was going to be left behind.
– First, Hunico used the Codebreaker, then Jericho came back so he couldn’t. Seems like he’s adopted the Angle Slam now, and does it very good, nice and tight.

– It’s time to get FUNKY.
– Alex Riley? Forgot about that guy.
– He tries to dance, but funk dat. Maybe we’ll see Brodus in the ring for more than 1 minute at the Rumble? I don’t know, SINCE THERE’S ONLY 9 GUYS ANNOUNCED 2 DAYS BEFORE THE GODDAMN SHOW.

– They really aired the entire Ryder/Kane murder from Monday. C’mon. I get you want to show it, but at least condense it.


– So I read that Mark Henry got hurt during the main event. Wonder if it was the dark main event or the one I’m about to watch.
– Signing autographs on the way to the ring is quite distracting, Mr Big Show.
– Bryan assaults Show with a chair, and Henry is just gone, on on TV at all. Did I dream him coming to the ring?
– Was that the main event? wtf?

What a terrible week of go home shows. They did nothing to make me want to order the PPV.


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