Talkin Bout Raw

He sure is making it hard for me to hate him

Can someone tell me why the Clippers/Magic game isn’t a national game? That’s total BS, no one cares about the Jazz at the Knicks on NBA TV.

– I still can’t get over how Triple H no sold Taker last week. Not gonna lie, it was preeeeetty cool.
– It bugs me how they’ve used “Wish you the best in your future endeavors” as a no big deal, let’s make money on the line we used to ruin so many men’s and women’s lives.
– I HATEHATEHATE how Triple H holds the mic. Don’t know why, don’t care why, but I do.
– Pretty sure no one has ever buried Taker on the mic like this.
– Nice packages showing the pros and cons of Taker. Somehow, I actually agree with what H is saying.
– Wow, the Taker vignette was ridiculously awesome.

– Last week raw was watched by more people than Fear Factor and/or whatever the name of the Brian Williams news show is. Why would they trash NBC shows like that?

– I could watch the recap of Daniel Bryan berating Big Show roughly a billion times and never get tired of it.
– How brave of AJ to come accompany Bryan to the ring. They’re in love!
– She looks so uncomfortable in that neck brace.
– Goddamn Daniel Bryan is the best wrestler in the WWE. Proof? Great matches with everyone from the botch machine Sin Cara to an average size guy like Del Rio to the monsters like Show and Henry. It’s really a testament to his upbringing in wrestling.
– Had I known he would blow everyone away with his promos like this, they should’ve turned him heel long ago.

– 55 Days!!!

– D Bryan can talk about how reckless Big Show is, but Carl Edwards driving backstage like a manic was pure recklessness! Pure!

– Excellent Elimination Chamber hype video.

– David Otunga is THE most stylish man in the WWE.
– Good Lord Sheamus is over.
– I’m all for putting Otunga over as a legitimate wrestler, but not at the expense of Sheamus. Sheamus didn’t look weak, but he ate a lot of offense.

– I dislike how Sin Cara is prominently featured on the Best of Raw/SD 2011 DVD cover.


– Hell yeah a REAL Jericho promo!
– I love how Jericho points out how Miz stole his gimmick, then proceeds to loosely associate everything he’s ever done to someone else on the current roster. Classic.
– I’m sure Punk can stop calling it a Pipe Bomb, because he hasn’t said anything worth it in months.
– I cannot take Jericho serious with that blinking coat. It’s too good!
– It really doesn’t make sense to get this feud started now; it really makes Sheamus’ pick for Mania more obvious than usual.

– Do we really have to watch Orton and the fucking Great Khali in a tag match? What the shit is that?
– Can anybody please give me a good reason why Khali is in the Chamber?
– Also need answers concerning Wade Barrett’s music and shit-green tights.
– Wow, I’m very impressed by how Khali took the RKO. I’ve never seen him take a bump like that ever.

– 8 Diva match? Pfft, more like 8 Diva fap time.

– Wow Justin Roberts NEVER messes up. Appreciate what you just heard, America, because it’ll never happen again.
– I remember the first Six Pack Challange…don’t think it was a six way cluster fuck.
– Miz was 100% out of the way when Truth more than likely got himself concussed. NICE GOING MIZ.
– If all else fails, Miz/Ziggler would make a great tag team.
– Damn, Miz botching all over the place: he sold a clothesline when none was thrown.
– Jericho over Ziggler? Not bad. Jericho mocking Punk’s Indian style for promo? Not bad either.

– I heard screams after the match, thought some gals at ringside were freaking for Ziggler abs. Turns out it was just Eve getting verbally taped by Kane.
– So by the looks of it, Eve just got out of the shower. However she is clearly wearing a bra and her makeup is picture perfect. Poor writing.

Did we really only see Cena in one segment tonight? How odd.


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