F the Dog Show – Go Home Raw

Live in San Diego - it means a Whale's Vagina

Remember the old days when the Westminster Dog Show was ruin our Monday nights twice a year? The dark days, I tell ya. Whatev, the Chamber is Sunday so let’s hope tonight’s go home show is better than the go home for the Rumble.

– Well this interesting and different – an Elimination Chamber participant debate? Not…bad.
– Jericho looks ludicrous standing there with that blinking jacket…it’s mesmerizing.
– There’s a TON of signs in the arena, it’s Attitude Era like.
– CM Punk just made a blowjob joke. Hmph. THAT’S NOT PG.
– Hard to believe but Dolph Ziggler is wearing the second most ridiculous coat in the ring right now.
– R-Truth’s speech was incredibly uplifting and motivational.
– Ziggler on Miz, “When he scowls he means business.”
– Poor Miz; that dude just won’t be allowed to ever look strong.

Kofi v Jericho
– I wonder if Kofi will ever make the jump to the main event. Not just a one shot, but a consistent stint at the top of the card. Like Ziggler; not always in the title picture but always involved.
– On the same subject, if anyone is going to make Kofi look like a million bucks, it’ll be Jericho.
– Damn, was hoping we’d get a Liontamer instead of the Boston Crab from Jericho like he did years ago.
– Botch ending: thumb to the eye and bad Codebreaker. Good match though.

White Vincent Jackson jersey! Pay the man!

– Aw man, Ryder is going to viciously murdered tonight, isn’t he. Cena’s bromance can’t save him.
– Pretty cool showing WWE.com exclusive footage on Raw. There’s always something that happens after the show’s stop filming, so it’s nice to show something that furthers an angle.

Baby Blue Eric Weddle jersey in the front row!

Orton v Show
– Pretty funny how before the commercial Cole is ragging on D.Bryan then when they get back he’s gushing all over him like he did with Miz last year.
– God DAMN Orton’s dropkick is impressive. He jumped high enough to get Show right in the chin.
– Never thought I’d see the hangman’s DDT to the Big Show.
– 2nd match, 2nd botch. Big Show sold a phantom RKO and we got the first You Fucked Up chant in years.
– D.Bryan doing work, getting over a heel and getting over PERIOD. Don’t think he’s looked this strong since he won the title.

Baby Blue Antonio Gates jersey!
Damn that San Diego landscape is gorgeous.

– The HBK chant is deafening.
– What on Earth is Michaels wearing? Cowboy hat, leather vest, and many distracting things on his wrists. Not as bad as that one time he wore a girls shirt, but still.
– This just reminds me how much I hated the DX reunion from 2006 on.
– Michaels calling Triple H out for marrying into the family. Interesting.
– Finally, mean Triple H is back. If he came out and verbally tear it up like this more frequently I probably wouldn’t hate him.
– I hate whenever an old timer says “it’s a different time, we did it different, better, etc…” It doesn’t reflect very highly on your current roster.
– Damn, Triple H is just burning all his bridges with his former friends. Nash, Michaels, Xpac by not bringing him back, who’s next?
– Hooray for explaining Taker’s short hair!


Ziggler v Truth
– Good to see Truth wasn’t obliterated last week.
– Ziggler’s headlock handstand is very impressive.
– I don’t think it’s fair for Vickie to be wearing such slutty clothing just yet.
– Shockingly quick win by Truth. Good spot with the sit ups into the roll up though.

– So Ryder has just been sitting in Cena’s locker room with Eve’s flowers and choclates since like, 9:20?

Tamina v Brie
– Tamina got a last name?! You KNOW they’re serious about pushing her now.
– Never seen a forceful Samoan Drop like that.
– And her Superfly Splash isn’t awful either.
– I bet Troy Palamalu was happy Tamina won.

– I really think they fucked up the camera work with Eve getting in the Ambulance. It made no sense to just see her almost casually walk into the bus.
– Scumbag Cena: Bromance with loveable loser; makes out with your girlfriend. ON VALENTINE’S DAY.
– It doesn’t get much worse than making out with a cripple’s girlfriend right in front of him.
– Embrace dat ass.
– PS all that tongue is not PG.

Pre 2007 navy LT jersey!

Punk v Miz
– Pretty surprised Miz wasn’t 100% buried.
– Good to see Punk incorporating the Anaconda Vice more and more lately.

– I hope Rey Mysterio jumps out of the back of the Ambulance.
– I don’t think this was Kane’s plan, Cena, to have your friends turn against you. You only have 1 friend and his girlfriend wants to bang you.
– First time I’ve heard a “We all hate you” chant. Maybe they’ll use that on Norv Turner this season.
– Oh Lord, Ryder, why? This will not end well for you.
– Does Ryder even know how to use crutches?
– Ironic Kane is ironic: says he’s never sunk to lows like Cena has, he’d never steal another man’s girl. He would bang his dead girlfriend, though…
– Ryder is a champ for not landing on a crash pad.
– That WHORE Eve just needs to stay away, dames ain’t nothing but trouble!

4 Chargers jerseys, 1 Tebow, 1 49ers, 1 Giants, 1 actual Pittsburgh Steeler. Very good go home show.


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