Live Smackdown! W00T!

I love live Smackdowns (as long as it’s not the Christmas special)! The Elimination Chamber was good, Raw was good, let’s hope they can keep it up. If they’re going to keep doing live Smackdowns, may I suggest they always have it on a PPV week? I course I may.

– YES! YES! YES! YES! Daniel Bryan is so excellent right now.
– D.Bryan, followed by Miz, followed by Sheamus. One more face and we’re gonna have a tag match, playa!
– It makes me giddy that last year Sheamus/Bryan Mania match was bumped from the card, and now they’re one of the headlining matches at this year’s Mania.
– AJ is looking mighty fine on this evening.

Miz v Sheamus
– Sheamus looks SO much more pale on live television. The contrast from the lights reflecting off the mat to his skin is brighter than a tanning bed.
– Speaking of, Miz doesn’t look nearly as orange.
– Sheamus is the king of having impromptu matches.
– Is it customary for every Irish wrestler to use the Emerald Fusion as a finisher? Celtic Cross and Brogue Kick are so much better.

– It seems to me that Aksana is just using Teddy Long for his power. JUST LIKE THAT WHORE EVE.
– You can never get enough John Laurinaitis.
– I think Teddy tried very hard to not refer to David Otunga as a slave.

Jamaican Me Crazy v Swagger/Ziggler
– Kofi and Truth team up on TV again, it’s official, they’re a team.
– I don’t like the pairing of Swagger/Ziggler, because it means he’s stuck in a team now. Put Alex Riley (remember that guy) with Swagger and do a mean jock gimmick. It writes itself.
– Good to see Dolph, Kofi, Truth weren’t seriously hurt in the massacre of that battle royal last night.
– I often wonder how many of these 4 men will be consistent main eventers and World Champions one day.
– Nevermind on not liking the Blond Bombshells as a team. Their post match celebration is totally worth it.

– Good to see Santino still training hard.
– Oh Heath Slater YOU’RE SO MEAN.
– Holy shit, they’re acknowledging the CM Punk/Chris Brown Twitter beef on TV?

Khali v McIntyre
– I’m sooooooooooooo glad Khali came back to the WWE, he’s done so many great things and memorable matches and moments.
– Who’s cereal did McIntyre piss in in order to be stuck with this MVP-like losing streak? Beyond squashed.

Mark Henry v Big Show
– Mark Henry has been the hardest working man in the WWE since the summer. Every show he wrestles, even when he blows out his knee and tears his groin.
– Feels like I’ve seen match 100,000 times in the last 2 weeks.
– Henry is pisssssssssssssed. In match commentary is the best.
– So is it going to be Cody Rhodes vs Big Show at Mania? Where’s Shaq? Who cares, Sumo match from WM21!!!
– Holy SHIT Mark Henry straight up scoop slammed Big Show with ease. We need a replay of that.

– Just how many headline matches is Mania going to have? Right now we’re at 4.

Otunga v Zeke: The Sequel
– WHY.
– Wow, Lilian Garcia just fucked up like 100 times. Otunga is from Harvard Law School NOT Hollywood California. Nice job, Lilian.
– Haven’t seen black ref in a while.
– Otunga clean again. Not bad. And that pose is quite the masterpiece.

Punk v Bryan
– Another match of the year candidate from these two. I don’t even have to watch to know this.
– Not as good as their previous match, but still really good.
– Johnny Ace restarts the match after Sheamus interferes. D.Bryan wins dirty then Teddy restarts. This GM feud, unlike Teddy/Bischoff, actually has me very interested.
– I find it interesting that this match takes place in the middle of the show on Raw, but main events Smackdown. Just goes to show the importance of WRESTLING to Friday nights.
– Great double pin spot coming off the superplex. Scott Armstrong, you look so confused, but you shouldn’t have counted! Silly zebra.
– Some hot GM on GM action to end a great show.


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