Cena > Rock

That’s it, there’s no longer any argument. John Cena absolutely DESTROYED The Rock.

Rock was in the ring for roughly 30 minutes and didn’t really say much. Defended himself for leaving and trashing Cena and whomever ratted him out to the dirt sheets last week. He did manage to get 3 or 4 separate things to trend on Twitter world wide, which I guess is the point of coming back for ‘Mania, right? Rock just dragged it on and on and on until the Savior came out.

John Cena.

In the two minutes Cena was in the ring, Cena tore Rock’s asshole out and stomped all over him. I’ve never seen Cena cut a promo like that and Rock was genuinely flustered. When’s the last time you saw the Rock get flustered? Cena came out and dominated LIKE A BOSS. And then just left. He left the Rock in the ring looking like a damn fool. It was fantastic and anyone who thinks Cena can’t hang with Rock on the mic was just shut up for good.



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