One Year Later: Edge :(

Last year I decided to attend Raw in Bridgeport on a whim. It was a week after Mania so I figured why not. Thank God I went. In the first half of the show they teased a “HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT” from Edge. “I wonder what that could be,” I pondered aloud. The show sucked. We saw the first promo for Kharma, one of the Bellas won the Divas title, Cena got boo’d, it was a usual post-Mania slump Raw. Then John Cena shook Edge’s hand backstage for no apparent reason.

Then it happened.

Shock is the only word that could possibly describe myself at that very moment. I was sitting in the crowd with my jaw on the floor and a tear in my eye. Edge is my favorite wrestler of all time. I thought it was a work at first, I kept thinking Del Rio was going to come out and put him in an armbar as everything would go back to normal. But it never happened. I was devastated.

But on the bright side, I’m glad he did retire. If he continued wrestling he’d probably be in a wheelchair at this point. There were some big time feuds that we all missed out on: Christian, Cody Rhodes, Daniel Bryan, the Miz, Wade Barrett, Triple H. It’s okay though, I think he’s given us enough memories in the 12 years he was on TV. I have experienced some of his biggest moments live in person, all of which I will tell you right now. In order.

– Winning the IC Title from Orton at Vengeance 2004 (his first huge win since coming back from injury).
– Defeating John Cena in Boston to keep the WWE Title at Summerslam 2006.
– Debut of the Rated R spinner belt.
– Getting thrown into the Long Island Sound later that night.
– Witnessing his first Wrestlemania loss at 23 😦
– Having Match of the Night vs Rey Mysterio at the 2008 Royal Rumble.
– Winning the World Heavyweight Championship from Cena at Backlash 2008.
– Returning from injury at the 2008 Survivor Series to win the WWE Title in a total surprise.
– I’ve attended every Mania since 23. And every year Edge has lost. So going into Atlanta for 26 I assumed Edge was going to lose. The entire match I was rooting my hardest but I had this awful feeling he was going to lose. Then he won, and I lost my shit. Like a little girl I was screaming in sheer joy. I saw Edge’s final Wrestlemania victory.
– I saw him retire.
– I saw him inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Thank you, Edge, I miss you.


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