The Most Comprehensive List of Future Hall of Famers…Ever

Every now and again my friends and I will engage in a debate about the validity of the WWE Hall of Fame. What the criteria is for being inducted (even there even is one), who’s in who shouldn’t be, who’s not in who should be, how low the bar is, etc…So I’ve compiled a list of wrestlers, tag teams, and non-wrestlers who deserve to be in the WWE Hall of Fame. Criteria includes Championship credentials, longevity, how I think the WWE would treat it, and “changing wrestling in some fashion.” I did not include guys a lot of young guys like CM Punk, for instance, due to lack of long term success.

The “Co-Headliners” category is not a knock on those guys, but are listed there because I (and probably the WWE) don’t feel they could be the anchor of the ceremony. Perhaps they didn’t “draw” as well or weren’t consistent main eventers or World Champions. Also, if they have passed away, I don’t feel like they could be the main draw as the lack of physical presence would not be a feel good moment.

Headliners:                                                            Co-Headliners
Kurt Angle                                                           Ultimate Warrior
The Undertaker                                                        Lex Luger
Triple H                                                                       Bruno Sammartino
John Cena                                                                   Rob Van Dam
The Rock                                                                     Christian
Kane                                                                              Owen Hart
Randy Orton                                                              JBL
Mick Foley Kevin Nash
Chris Jericho Booker T
Big Show Randy Savage
Rey Mysterio
Brock Lesnar

The Rest                                                                 Tag Teams
Brian Pillman                                                            The Dudley Boyz
Dr Death Steve Williams                                       Harlem Heat
William Regal                                                            The Outsiders
Mark Henry                                                               The New Age Outlaws
Scott Hall                                                                    Demolition
X-Pac                                                                            The Hardy Boyz
Raven                                                                           The Steiner Brothers
Taz                                                                                 The Nasty Boys
Sabu                                                                              The Bushwackers
Tommy Dreamer
Chavo Guerrero
Diamond Dallas Page

Non-Wrestlers                                                       Divas
Vince McMahon                                                        Trish Stratus
Stephanie McMahon                                                Lita
Shane McMahon                                                        Chyna
Linda McMahon                                                         Michelle McCool
Vickie Guerrero                                                         Lilian Garcia
Teddy Long Miss Elizabeth
Paul Heyman
Eric Bischoff
Ted Turner

Michael Cole
Joey Styles
Tony Chimel
Jonathan Coachman

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  1. Hall of fame
    Chris jericho
    The miz
    Even bourne

  2. I agree with the most names in your list (except of Linda McMahon, Jonathan Coachman, Tony Chimel, New Age Outlaws and X-Pac) and the Outsiders because of the mention as single wrestlers but i think there are missing some…

    Tag Teams: The British Bulldogs, The Natural Disasters
    Co-Headliners: Jake the Snake Roberts, Big Bossman
    The Rest: Goldust, IRS
    Non-Wrestlers: Slick
    Divas: Alundra Blaze

    Further i think after Ric Flair is in the HOF two times as single and member of the horseman i think HBK could have this honor too because i think the Rockers should be as tag team in the HOF

    But as said above… i think your list is pretty good

  3. uupss…

    i forgot 3 more names…

    Headliners (after his career): Sting
    Co Headliners: Bam Bam Bigelow, Rick Rude

  4. what a crap…. Sin Cara, The Miz, Evan Bourne…. they are much to young and the career is not so impressive yet as the careers of the other names listed…

    but i forgot some more

    Bob Backlund and Sid ^^

  5. uups… forgot some more…

    Honkey Tonk Man
    Dean Malenko
    Paul Bearer

  6. and perhaps Fit Finlay not because of his wrestling career in front of TV but because of all he did for WWE as Agent and Trainer…. Trish, Lita and many other divas wouldn’t have been so good without Finlay as Divas Trainer

  7. So frinds of Wrestling… after putting many names on the board… this is my list (active Wrestlers after their career)

    Kurt Angle, Undertaker, Kane, Triple H, The Rock, John Cena, Randy Orton, Mick Foley,
    Big Show, Randy Savage, Kevin Nash, Chris Jericho, Booker T, Sting, CM Punk

    Brock Lesnar, Rey Mysterio, Batista, Ultimate Warrior, Lex Luger, Bruno Sammartino, RvD,
    Christian, Owen Hart, JBL, Diamond Dallas Page, Jake the Snake Roberts, Big Bossman,
    Goldust, Rick Rude, Sid, Vader, Honkey Tonk Man

    Brian Pillman, Dr Death Steve Williams, William Regal, Mark Henry, Scott Hall, Taz, Sabu,
    Tommy Dreamer, IRS, Bam Bam Bigelow, Bob Backlund, Fit Finlay, Dean Malenko, Slick, Paul Bearer, Jim Neidhart,

    Tag Teams:
    Dudleys, Demolition (Ax, Smash, Crush), Hardy Boyz, Steiner Brothers, Nasty Boys,
    The Bushwrackers, The Rockers, British Bulldogs, Natural Disasters

    Trish Stratus, Lita, Chyna, Sable, Alundra Blaze, Lilian Garcia, Victoria, Michelle McCool

    Vince McMahon, Paul Heyman, Eric Bischoff, Michael Cole, Teddy Long

    possible (have to wait on career progress):
    Sheamus, Mr. Kennedy (Anderson), Alberto del Rio, Santino Marella, Mike Mizanian,
    Danial Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, Beth Phoenix, Natalyia

    if they would join WWE and have a career progress (unlikely but nevertheless):
    AJ Styles, Eric Young, James Storm, Kaz, Chris Daniels

    So sorry for bad english, but i am from Munich, Bavaria, Germany. I hope you agree with my list and enjoyed reading it.

    Greetings from the City of Oktoberfest to USA. Next year, Wrestlemania 29, NYC… i will be there 😉 Yihaaa

  8. What about dx and brother of distortion

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