We here at BooLawler are here for you, the people! We know you hate Lawler, you just may not realize it yet! It’s okay, he’s been able to fool you for many years.

You see, the puppy loving, “harmless man” you have grown to love over the last decade plus is not the man we know. We know a much darker version of Lawler, a ruthless man that is set on boring us all to death with his lame “comeback” matches and deary commentary. Every time he sits at the table he insults your intelligence. Each time he tries to wrestle he insults your intelligence. He is cheating you out of your hard earned money by putting on boring, mundane matches each and every time he “graces” a ring.

Not only that, but we are talking about a man who is a well documented horrible husband, and horrible father to boot.

So, the next time you lift your hands to cheer for him, ask yourself this question..what has Lawler ever done for you?

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