Tony Cellupica

Tony has been a life long wrestling fan, and is also a diehard MMA fan. Some of his favorite moments are attending Wrestlemnia 24, and vaguely remembering attending Survivor Series 1991 as a child. He has been to countless live events, and hopes to attend a live UFC PPV in the near future. You can e-mail Tony @

Ringside Steve

Attended five straight Wrestlemanias and counting. Retired television icon. Field Goal Kicking Champion of this House. Our opinions are always correct and yours are unimportant. I miss Edge. E-mail:

  1. Look, this site sucks so can you guys quit spamming up decent sites such as LOP etc etc? And fuck off with the “we reported it first” nonsense. None of you nerds are “insiders” in any way. I’m sure you little babies will just delete this anyway. Good day!

    • No, we won’t delete it..because you just proved spamming sites like LOP works…I got you and hundreds of others to click the link, thus completing my mission…The fact that you took the time to troll us is just icing on the cake.

      Also, you’re right…we’re not insiders..don’t claim to be…but, neither is any one at LOP…toodles.

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