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The Most Comprehensive List of Future Hall of Famers…Ever

Every now and again my friends and I will engage in a debate about the validity of the WWE Hall of Fame. What the criteria is for being inducted (even there even is one), who’s in who shouldn’t be, who’s not in who should be, how low the bar is, etc…So I’ve compiled a list of wrestlers, tag teams, and non-wrestlers who deserve to be in the WWE Hall of Fame. Criteria includes Championship credentials, longevity, how I think the WWE would treat it, and “changing wrestling in some fashion.” I did not include guys a lot of young guys like CM Punk, for instance, due to lack of long term success.

The “Co-Headliners” category is not a knock on those guys, but are listed there because I (and probably the WWE) don’t feel they could be the anchor of the ceremony. Perhaps they didn’t “draw” as well or weren’t consistent main eventers or World Champions. Also, if they have passed away, I don’t feel like they could be the main draw as the lack of physical presence would not be a feel good moment.

Headliners:                                                            Co-Headliners
Kurt Angle                                                           Ultimate Warrior
The Undertaker                                                        Lex Luger
Triple H                                                                       Bruno Sammartino
John Cena                                                                   Rob Van Dam
The Rock                                                                     Christian
Kane                                                                              Owen Hart
Randy Orton                                                              JBL
Mick Foley Kevin Nash
Chris Jericho Booker T
Big Show Randy Savage
Rey Mysterio
Brock Lesnar

The Rest                                                                 Tag Teams
Brian Pillman                                                            The Dudley Boyz
Dr Death Steve Williams                                       Harlem Heat
William Regal                                                            The Outsiders
Mark Henry                                                               The New Age Outlaws
Scott Hall                                                                    Demolition
X-Pac                                                                            The Hardy Boyz
Raven                                                                           The Steiner Brothers
Taz                                                                                 The Nasty Boys
Sabu                                                                              The Bushwackers
Tommy Dreamer
Chavo Guerrero
Diamond Dallas Page

Non-Wrestlers                                                       Divas
Vince McMahon                                                        Trish Stratus
Stephanie McMahon                                                Lita
Shane McMahon                                                        Chyna
Linda McMahon                                                         Michelle McCool
Vickie Guerrero                                                         Lilian Garcia
Teddy Long Miss Elizabeth
Paul Heyman
Eric Bischoff
Ted Turner

Michael Cole
Joey Styles
Tony Chimel
Jonathan Coachman

Look, I’m not looking forward to watching Raw tonight. It’s just been bad the last two weeks. At least I know Detroit will do work. Let’s do it.

– That is one fancy ass table.
– Theodore Long with the botch of the night, “He is a 2 time WWE Champion…and 10 time WWE Champion. John Cena!”
– Big Johnny says this might be Cena’s last night on Raw?
– I now very much enjoy your haircut, Edge.
– Hell yeah Edge, awesome pep talk to Cena. He should be a motivational speaker for any guy who needs a pick me up. Reminds me of Foley to Edge in 06, and Flair to Carlito, whenever that was.
– Also, I’m glad someone finally pointed out Brock is here for money just like the Rock.

– First Edge, now Jericho. How many more Canadians can we get on TV?!
– Jericho vs Kofi has never been a bad match. I wonder how much longer Kofi won’t be a main eventer.
– Awesome top rope splash into Codebreaker.
– The ONLY time Jericho does the Liontamer is on Kofi, I’m convinced.

– Big Johnny is totally gonna give some “People Power” to Eve, if you catch my drift. SEX.

– Jericho bought Punk a very nice liquor gift basket. Looks expensive. He gave the basket to Josh Matthews! How nice!

– Question: who will lost clean first: Tensai or Brodus? Or Ryback?
– It took 51 minutes for the first YES! chant to break out.
Albert A-Train the Hip Hop Hippo Giant Bernard really hasn’t improved THAT much. I don’t know what the big deal is.
– I guess the green mist is poison, right?
– It’s like Sunday Night Heat from 1999: Albert vs K-Kwik

– Kane with a nice little promo on Orton. Then Orton makes it a true family affair and has Paul Bearer all tied up! He throws him in the freezer. But Kane don’t give no fucks. Edge rolled Bearer down a flight of stairs.
– Look, let’s just make it official: The Ortons vs Kane/Bearer at Extreme Rules.

– Why is Alex Riley on my TV?!
– A-Ry doing the old Just Joe gimmick
– The irony of Riley snitching on someone for drinking is not lost on me.

– Godammit if they win, Show and Khali are default #1 Contender’s….
– If Cody was still dashing, he and Del Rio would be made for each other.
– I just cannot get into a Del Rio match, any Del Rio match. It’s like after he lost to Edge it was all over for me. His matches with Punk? They were good but I was just uninterested.

– Wtf? Live Pre Show Sunday on YouTube, Santino vs Miz for the US Title? Wtf is that?

– A…Divas match on Raw? It’s been so long. But really, not long enough.
– Lumberjills. Yay?
– Mmmm Kaitlyn on my TV
– Jesus Christ. Not only are these broads terrible at wrestling, but they can’t even get coordinated enough to bang on the match in rhythm.
– Aaaaaaaaaaaand Beth Phoenix broken ankle. 3 months, gone.
– The Divas title matches Bella’s ring gear.

– He really IS CM Drunk! And a terrible actor at that.
– Have we ever had a field sobriety test on Raw? Nearly 20 years and I think this is the first.
– He said a bad word! He said WWF!!!
– CM Drunk has finally perfected his Jeff Hardy impression.
– No breathalyzer? No flashlight in the eyes? This wasn’t a real sobriety test!
– So according to Eve, no WWE superstar can drink within 12 hours of a WWE event…I assume Steve Austin has been banished from WWE history.

– Second Brock highlight of the night, when he killed Hogan on Smackdown. I still have this match on VHS. Mad they didn’t show him wiping Hogan’s blood across his own chest. Bad. Ass.

– I’m fully convinced they want the Yes chants dead, but they just don’t know how to do it. Cause they’re dumb.
– By the way: this match is Sheamus vs Mark henry, with D.Bry as the ref.
– Mark Henry stays beating the top two Champions, as long as it’s not for the actual title, and as long as it’s not in the main event.


– Hmmm, the Colons vs Ryder and Santino? Maybe.
– I remember one time when Ryder and Rose Mendes were an item.
– Just noticed Santino has his own five moves of doom.

-Abraham Washington is going to make a stable of EVERY single mid-carder in the WWE, thus creating a conflict of interest amongst all of this clients.

– Naomi and Cameron have so much ass.
– I can’t believe Taco Bell is sponsoring this match.
– Sigh…American Perfection should be ruling Raw.

– Brock highlight #3: I’m sure it’s no coincidence that he’s beating all TNA guys in these clips

– This is the FIFTH time this video has been shown on 3 shows. STOP.
– That table is far to pretty to get destroyed.
– Wow, Bork Laser is fucking terrible. I was blinded by it a decade ago, but…fuck. Awful.
– So remember when the Rock was intentionally bad so Cena would get cheered a bit? This horrible Brock promo is the same thing, right? Because there is no way he is this fucking bad. It’s God awful. I’ve seen better backyard wrestling promos. Just…ow.
– Cena saves us! And he’s wearing a padlock! The very same he wore 9 years ago when these two fought at Backlash!
– After Bork’s promo, how can anyone chant Cena Sucks?
– Now that Alistar Overeem cant fight MMA for a while, any chance we get Overeem/Lesnar at SummerSlam?
– Oh my fucking Christ, worst ending to Raw in a long time.

Bad British Teeth = Bad Raw

Remember when this guy could've been the greatest of all time?

– So Smackdown is always taped and always looks different from live Raw. But this Raw is taped and looks like any other Raw. How is this so?
– I can tell I’m going to like this crowd. DC sucked hard last week.

WWE Title: Punk v Henry
– Glad to see Henry getting another push, even though he’s not going to win any more significant matches.
– CM Punk doing his best Jeff Hardy-walk the barrier imitation and ends with a flying bulldog. Nice.
– Punk eats a nasty powerbomb against the barrier. Hell yeah.
– Oh my! Almost a chairshot to the head! So close…
– Punk’s top rope elbow FINALLY looks good, and all it took was a steel chair.
– Punk v Jericho for the belt at Extreme Rules in a Chicago Street, which is ironic, because he’s from Chicago. Get it?
– The bar Jericho is in is the worst fake bar I’ve ever seen.

US Title Santino v Otunga
– It has been exactly 5 years since the Milan Miracle.
– Still disappointed Santino hasn’t changed the title to European Title.

– Troll Face!

– Not sure if Lord Tensai…or Shredder.

– Brock Lesnar is the most outspoken Superstar of all time, Cole? He had a mouthpiece for a year!
– UFC style promos in the WWE? Like.

Kane v Ryder
– Hey! Remember when these two were kind of feuding, then Ryder broke his back and Kane went on to lose to Cena and Orton? And then Ryder fell back in love with Eve but that petered off and she finally turned on him? And then creative remembered that these two were feuding so they decided to throw them back together? Yeah? WELL FUCK.
– Nevermind all that. Squash. Good.


– Gross, the scripted Cena is back.
– Can it really be considered a new era if the top two guys you have (Cena/Orton) have been here for 10 years, a guy that just came back (Brock) debuted 10 years ago and has been gone for 8. It’s not a new era. Don’t be dumb!

– Changing the LaBelle Lock to the YesLock is silly, but dammit I love it.
– The Daniel Bryan Effect (aka YES!) is going to have adverse effects on everyone he fights, like Kofi and Sheamus. Sheamus is literally going to get boo’d out of the building in Chicago.
– Awesome springboard backwards splash to the outside by Kofi.
– Typical London Raw: one really great match, but other than that not much.

– Funky’s on a rollllllllllllll
– #Heel
– I feel as if this isn’t going to bode well for Ziggler. Not that it matters, because Brodus touched Swagger so DQ? No sense has been made.

– Big Johnny has THE best sign on his locker room door ever.

– Jay Strongbow memorial video, that aired last week, when he did the week before.

The Carlitos vs Show/Khali
– Fuck Khali dead.
– Poor kids, they never stood a chance.
– His name is Abraham Washington. Not AW. That’s STOOOOPUD.
– God bless her Canadian heart, but Rosa cannot walk right in those heels.But damn I love watching her try.

– Interesting that the Miz hasn’t been on TV tonight yet.

Extreme Rules Cena vs……
– So, i thought it was going to be the Miz. Made sense, right? Well, we’re all dumb. It’s Lord Tensai. I didn’t even consider him. Cause I’m dumb.
– So turns out A-Train really hasn’t improved too much since he’s been gone.
– That green mist matches Cena’s wristband!

Another Raw Review~!

I just wanted to shake Brock's hand 😦

– John Laurinaitis has some awesomely Patriotic music. People Power!
– Fuck. This crowd SUCKS compared to Miami. But who cares, because HERE COMES THE PAIN!
– The only problem with pimping Brock’s UFC stuff is he go his ass killed his final two fights.
– Oh God, Brock isn’t playing a murder, his promo is cocky. NO ME GUSTA.
– An entire roster pull apart brawl between Cena/Lesnar? If they really wanted to keep them apart, all you need is A-Train, Mark Henry, Ryback, and Brodus.
– Scumbag WWE: “No Blood!” Shows Cena with legit blood.
– I fully expect a Lion’s Den match at Extreme Rules.
– So Brock legit punches Cena in the mouth, and remember real quick that he’s not in MMA anymore.

– Johnny has his Wrestlemania suit hanging in his office! Class.
– Funky’s on a Roll!
– Brodus/Santino vs American Perfection. This match will have the best of all worlds.
– I love Swagger’s shiny singlet.
– I’ll say it again: Swagger is just a personality away from being huge.
– Brodus getting the hot tag is the perfect time to say “Funky’s on a roll!!!”
– Ziggler got pinned? Ziggler….pinned…in a tag match…with Swagger? I’ve lost all faith.

– Big Show interrupts a Cody Rhodes match with a black guy, showing a recap of embarassing him, the EXACT same thing he did last week. Inception? BWOOOOOOMP.

– My friend Mike correctly guessed that Yoshi Tatsu would be squashed by Tensai tonight.
– I wonder if Lord Tensai remembers that time Lesnar dropped A-Train on his head with an F5.
– Poor Yoshi, home boy did’t get in ANY offense. Even Alex Riley got in a punch or two.

– I was hoping the Blast From the Past Smackdown tomorrow would feature the OvalTron or the giant fist stages. Looks like it’s just going to be an episode of Nitro from 2000.

– So if CM Punk just walks to the ring without stopped, does that mean it’s not clobberin time?
– Has Punk ever had a WWE/World Title reign on Raw where he was the focus of the show?
– I need to know where Jericho gets his coats made.
– Which does Punk hate more: flat Pepsi or booze?
– For the first time ever I am not impressed with a CM Punk promo. Hmph.

– So I guess Punk has to literally kill Mark Henry right now, right?
– Jericho pouring a case of beer on Punk. Legit? I’ve never seen that type of beer before, could be non-alcoholic?

– Zack Ryder taps out like a bitch. I’m no longer a fan of that guy.
– Del Rio whipping his nose with Ryder’s armband? Awesome.

– So I really didn’t want to discuss the 3 Stooges, but then Will Sasso came out and did a great job impersonating Hulk Hogan. Michael Cole: “Hogan lost some weight.” Perfect.
– Will Sasso will take a chokeslam, he don’t give a fuck.

– Brock Lesnar needs start practicing his promos again. Dude is baaaaaaaaaaaad.
– This show has been too video package heavy.

– David Otunga is SO oiled.
– There are like 30 Wounder Warriors in the crowd tonight. “Oh you’re wounded? Here, have shitty seats in the upper deck.”
– This is the first time the crowd has truly become alive. Say what you will, but Cena ALWAYS gets a reaction.
– Wow, there were no Divas on Raw tonight. First time ever?
– Otunga doing his best Chris Masters pose. The Blacksterpiece?
– I can tell Lesnar is not taking this seriously, and I kind of like it.

Really bad Raw. Hopefully Smackdown will be better. Gnite!